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Buying and selling your business

Whether you trade as a sole trader, partnership, company or limited liability partnership, we can assist in buying or selling the same. Each business medium dictates different procedures. We have extensive experience in this area and will ensure that the process takes place in a fast and efficient manner.

Drafting business Terms and Conditions

Any business regardless of size or structure will have Terms and Conditions. Your Terms and Conditions govern your relationship with customers and suppliers. If drafted correctly they will remove any uncertainty, enable you to manage customer expectations and to enforce your position in the event of a dispute. We can create Terms and Condition unique for your business and can review existing Terms of Business to identify any issues in advance of disputes arising.

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership comes into operation when people carry on a business with a common view of profit. Statutory regulations dating back to 1890 automatically apply which may not match your circumstances. It is therefore important to record your specific instructions in a Partnership Agreement and we will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Company set up and sales

Companies, unlike other forms of business mediums, must comply with strict formalities. Forms must be filed with Companies House when creating a company and these must be amended when the Company is sold. The ongoing management responsibilities of the Company must be discussed as otherwise the law dictates the default position.

Shareholders agreements

Whilst Directors run companies, the Shareholders invest and therefore have rights to vote on certain issues within a company. A Shareholders Agreement will set out the value and class of shareholdings to avoid any uncertainty. There should also be provisions for the issuing of new shares, the transfer of existing shares and the transmission of shares which occur automatically by the operation of the law.

Business succession

A business survives on its goodwill and the staff contributions. Every business should therefore make provisions for the removal, death or retirement of the key individuals as well as the appointment of new individuals. Contact us for advice to ensure that your business provides for continued business succession.

Employer advice

We advise employers and employees on Compromise Agreements, unfair and wrongful dismissal, redundancy, discrimination claims and the preparation and implementation of employment contracts.
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