Pricing Policy for Residential Property Conveyancing

Our fees cover all of the routine work involved in a sale or purchase and there are no hidden fees e.g. submitting stamp duty land tax return or storage of papers. Our costs for routine freehold conveyancing are as follows and are all subject to VAT:-
Price up to Purchase costs Sale costs
£200,000 £780 £750
£300,000 £900 £850
£400,000 £1,050 £950
£500,000 £1,200 £1,100
£600,000 £1,350 £1,250
£700,000 £1,500 £1,400
£800,000 £1,650 £1,550
£900,000 £1,800 £1,700
£1,000,000 £1,950 £1,850
For specific types of transactions, the following additional fees will be added to the above and again are subject to VAT:-
New Builds £300
Leasehold with no management company/service charge £150
Involvement of management company/service charge £180 per company
Involvement of separate Landlord £150
Membership of management company £100
Deed of Covenant  £150
Unregistered title £150
Additional titles £80 per title
Help to Buy ISA £50 each
Help to Buy Scheme £300 each
Shared ownership £300
Statutory Declaration/Statement for e.g. lack of easements £150
Non-standard Declaration of Trust £150
Deed of Postponement (more than one mortgage) £150
Routine Indemnity Policies (easements, planning etc.) £60
Non-routine Indemnity Policies involving quotes, declarations £150
Please note that the above standard fees assume that no unforeseen complications arise and the matter proceeds smoothly to exchange of Contracts with no uncooperative parties or delays in the chain or any complications in agreeing a completion date or the need to report issues to your mortgage lenders for clearance. In such circumstances you will, where it is possible to do so, be advised of the likely additional costs to deal with any non-routine element to which the firms standard charge rates will apply.
In addition to our fees there will be the following disbursements:-
  • Official Copy Registers, plan and relevant documents - £3 per document
  • Same day bank payment (CHAPS) - £30
  • If leasehold, Landlords Sellers Pack often range between £150 and £400
  • Local, water and environmental searches - approximately £280 (area dependent)
  • Pre-completion searches - normally less than £10
  • Specific searches if needed - to be advised
  • Same day bank payment (CHAPS) - £30
  • Stamp duty - to be advised
  • Land Registry fee - to be advised
  • Chancel policy - £20 - £40
  • If Leasehold, Notice Fees to Landlord and/or Managing Agents can range between £50-£300
  • If a mortgage, possibly an LMS fee of £30
An average transaction with no undue delays, should take approximately 6 weeks from receipt of memorandum of sale or contract paperwork to reach exchange of Contracts with completion normally 1-2 weeks afterwards, but timescale is dependent upon many circumstances. At Norris & Miles we endeavour, on a sale, to issue contract paperwork or on a purchase, request the paperwork within a day of receipt of the memorandum of sale from the “Estate Agent” and to then review paperwork received and report/raise enquiries or deal with enquiries raised within a day of receipt. We endeavour to keep you and the agents fully informed and up to date by copying you in by email on correspondence with the other solicitors.
Work will be conducted by a fully qualified solicitor or chartered legal executive with many years’ experience and your sale or purchase will be conducted swiftly, efficiently and competently.
Please telephone to discuss your particular sale or purchase and if non-routine, an estimate can be provided for you.