Why register your property

Why register your property

If your property is currently unregistered you may wish to consider making a voluntary application to register your property at the Land Registry.

Property is often the most valuable asset of any individual or business and land registration provides evidence of title, facilitates transactions and helps to prevent unlawful disposals.

Registration provides a state backed guarantee of your title.

Often plans within old title deeds are not up to the standard required today.  Upon registration the Land Registry will issue a new plan based on current Ordnance Survey data which will clearly identify the extent of the property within your ownership.

Having a registered title can often make the process more straightforward and therefore more cost effective.

Once a property has been registered it is allocated a Title Number and a record of the registers and plan are stored electronically at the Land Registry and are public documents available to any party.    

A voluntary application can be made at a reduced fee.  Land Registry fees are calculated upon the value of the property to be registered.

If you are unsure whether your property is registered or you wish to deal with its registration please get in touch with one of our conveyances who will ever happy to assist you.