Reasons why you should consider mediation or collaborative to resolve family disputes

Reasons why you should consider mediation or collaborative to resolve family disputes:-

1. Your solution:-
Geared to what you want to achieve, not what the lawyers say or what the Judge imposes.
2. Nothing is off limits:-
Discussions can take place about everything that is important to you or your partner, including the children, the family pets and whatever else needs to be decided.
3. Private:-
Your financial details are not passed around the County Court or aired in a hearing where the press can be present.
4. Court is out of the question:-
Everyone signs up to an agreement to mediate or in the case of collaborative an agreement which provides that neither of you will apply to the court (except to obtain a divorce by agreement).
5. No more letters:-
Expensive emotionally and financially. When things are written in black and white they are more permanent. The stream of correspondence can seem endless.
6. Improved communication:-
Discussions can be emotional but that’s ok. Feelings can be expressed, acknowledged and often that is what is needed to enable you and your ex to focus on practical issues and move forward.
7. Tailor made advice:-
Available throughout the process from the lawyers, and if need be from pensions advisers, valuers, accountants and independent financial advisers who can be brought in to attend meetings and explain options.
8. You decide the pace:-
You decide when and where meetings take place and coffee and biscuits tend to help things along!
Make sure your lawyer explains all the options to you, including mediation and collaborative law.