Going to Court/Dispute Resolution

Small Claims, County Court, High Court and Land Registry Tribunal actions and appeals

If all efforts of achieving a settlement/acceptable compromise or pre-action mediation are not successful we can commence or defend proceedings through the Courts/Tribunal and guide you through the complex Court rules and procedures with the assistance of trusted Barristers where necessary and for representation at trial. Going to Court should be a last resort but if necessary will pursue your case with competence and vigour.

Debt Recovery, contract and building disputes and enforcement

Securing a Judgement for money is often the easy part. Obtaining payment can be more challenging and we can advise on and pursue recovery where necessary. We can deal generally with Contract disputes relating to sale or supply of goods and/or services including difficult building disputes and the evidence required to pursue or defend a claim.

Boundary, Easement and Covenant disputes

Property disputes can be very traumatic and personal creating much animosity and an early evaluation and objective advice assists in preventing issues escalating into disputes and possibly Court applications. We can fully analyse and advise on boundaries, easements and covenants and if resolution cannot be found, can make application to Court or Tribunal for declaration or enforcement as appropriate.

Will and Estate disputes and dependency claims

Unfortunately many issues can arise stemming from a Will and questions of its validity, interpretation or lack of provision for dependents or relatives which can arise under Intestacy. We can analyse and interpret the meaning of a Will by reference to Case Law, advise on potential claims, interpretation of Trusts created by Will, conflicts of interest that can arise between Executors/Trustees and family members and if negotiated settlement/compromise cannot be achieved, can take matters to Court to seek appropriate declaration.

Landlord and Tenant possession claims, rent arrears and breach of covenants

We can analyse the nature of Tenancy Agreement and law applicable and relevant Notices that need to be dealt with in the event of termination or breach and pursue forfeiture or possession claims from the Courts as Claimant or Defendant if resolution cannot be found.

Employment, wrongful/unfair dismissal, redundancy and employment issues

If you have issues with your employer relating to unacceptable change of terms or have been dismissed and may have an unfair or wrongful dismissal claim or if there has been discrimination or redundancy we can analyse and advise you on the best course of action. If you have reached agreement to leave your employer, we can advise and assist in completion of a Compromise Agreement.
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