Divorce, Separation and Children

Relationship Breakdown

Whether you are married or living together, the breakdown of a relationship is stressful. We will support you and talk through all the options including Court proceedings, and help you deal with matters as amicably as possible, so that you can aim for an independent future with minimal damage to family relationships and children. We can offer meditation and the collaborative process but sometimes Court proceedings are needed to provide a structure and timetable to resolve matters. We will advise and represent you in those proceedings, providing realistic advice.

Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Sensitively handled this can be fairly straightforward. We can deal with the process for you at a fixed fee, or help out if you chose to manage the divorce process yourself, and reduce cost.

Separation Agreements

Useful to confirm the arrangements for separation if there is no appetite to finally end a marriage, or time is needed to adjust. A Separation Agreement entered into with the benefit of legal advice will settle the financial arrangements so there will be no need to consider further on divorce.


The arrangements for the child(ren) to see both parents often have to be considered. We guide you on the importance of understanding what the children need at this difficult time. There are significant changes you can make to improve the process for your child(ren). We will support you in focussing on what is best for the child(ren) and by discussing the various options including representing you at Court.

Cohabitation, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Living together is increasingly common and where either party is a property owner, or if there are children there are significant legal issues that need to be understood. The law in this area is complex. We can prepare a Cohabitation Agreement when you decide to live together which will help to avoid legal arguments in the event of the relationship breaking down.

Prenuptial Agreements are likely to be followed by the Court and again are increasingly common. An agreement which sets out the financial terms of your marriage including what assets will be shared and what will not, can give you the security of knowing that you have done the very best you can to protect yourself and your children in the event of a second marriage breakdown.

Wills and property ownership

Considering a Will is an important part of the process in the event of relationship breakdown. You owe it to your family to have thought about it and made a valid up to date Will. If you are a joint owner of a property it is vital you understand the implications in the event of death, and what steps can be taken to protect your family.
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