Pricing Policy for Debt Recovery Services

Norris & Miles offer a personalised service for the recovery of debts involving a fast and cost effective process. Work will be carried out by an experienced solicitor with the objective of the recovery of monies owed to you with Court action as the last resort.
Our costs
At its simplest, receipt from you of the outstanding account, our despatching a formal letter of demand, receiving payment and accounting to you (with no advice or further letters/calls) fixed cost £100 plus VAT.
For more complicated claims involving further correspondence/letter before action, receiving proposals for settlement and dealing with queries on the account the costs, will be based on the firms standard charge rate of £250 plus VAT per hour.
If it becomes necessary to commence proceedings, the additional fixed costs of issue and (if no defence is filed), obtaining default Judgement, would be £180 plus VAT. Part of these costs will be ordered to be paid by the debtor.  
If a defence is filed or the service of proceedings results in proposals which need to be considered or negotiated, the firms standard charge rates will apply to such additional work.
In addition to our costs, on commencement of Court action, a Court fee is payable which increases with the amount claimed commencing at £50 for a debt (including interest) up to £500 and if over £10,000 based on 5% of the total value of claim.
If Judgement is obtained, the most appropriate means of enforcement and the associated costs will be discussed with you.
A letter to the debtor will normally be despatched within a day of instructions and followed up with a letter before action in the absence of response, with Court proceedings then issued normally within 3-4 weeks of instruction. In the absence of a defence, Judgement should be obtained within approximately 2 months.