Commercial Property

Buying, selling and transferring commercial property

Whether you are buying, selling or transferring a commercial property, we aim to provide clear and concise advice and will deal with the process in a prompt and efficient manner.  We will provide a realistic quote from the outset. We are aware and are sympathetic to the pressures businesses face during any transient period. We share good relationships with commercial agents in the area which results in a streamline service.

Development acquisitions and sales

When dealing with the acquisition or sale of a site there are a number of sub-contracts to consider. These may include the contract to purchase the site, development contract, collateral warranties, agreements to Lease and finance. We aim to provide clear and concise advice and will provide guidance which simplifies the process.

Conditional Contracts and Option Agreements  

A Conditional Contract provides security for a buyer where they are anxious of rival bidder intermeddling but where they are unable to irrevocably commit at that stage. The buyer may be unable to commit as certain conditions such as the granting of Planning Permission or the consent of a landlord is required. A Option Agreement is used where there are multiple acquisitions and the buyer is developing in phases. The Option Agreement forces the seller to sell an agreed site within a specified period to the buyer. Careful drafting of both Conditional Contracts and Option Agreements are required which we will be happy to assist with.

Landlord and Tenant

Landlord and Tenant law covers wide ranging issues to include the agreement, preparation and grant of a Lease. In relation to the Lease term careful consideration should be made to the terms which may include; rent review and arrears, the liabilities of the parties on the covenants, repairs, subleases, term of years and possession. Our approach is holistic which ensures that the issues specific to your requirements are addressed.

Rent Reviews

Most Leases incorporate a Rent Review provision which allows a Landlord to request a higher rent or a Tenant to negotiate a lower rent based on economic changes and other considerations. We can advise you of the different methods of Rent Review and provide guidance on how the rent is to be valued which includes advice on the factors which will be automatically assumed or disregarded when reviewing the rent.
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