Pricing Policy for Administration of an Estate

Non-Taxable Estates

a)    Grant only Applications

With your provision to us of financial and other details (which we will request) and with no complicating factors, our fixed cost of £450 plus VAT will apply.

b)    Full Administration

Costs very much depend on the nature and number of assets and the number of beneficiaries. The firm’s standard charge rates of £245 plus VAT will apply to the work carried out with no mark-up/percentage charge. The typical cost of administering an estate would be £850 - £1,600 plus VAT. This does not include dealing with the transfer or sale of property or shares.

Taxable Estates
All estates are different and with the provision of a copy Will, summary of assets and approximate values of property, savings and investments, we will be able to provide an estimate based on our firms standard charge rates of £245 plus VAT per hour with no mark-up/percentage charge.

  • Probate Court fee (with 6 office copies) - £159.50
  • Bankruptcy searches - £2 per person
  • London Gazette advert for unknown creditors - £83.40
  • Post for creditors and local paper - approximately £100

We are dependent upon you to provide information to us and to sign and return the requested paperwork but if dealt with promptly and provided the Probate Court processes the application within 2 weeks, we would expect to have obtained a Grant of Probate involving no inheritance tax within 4-6 weeks and if inheritance tax is payable within 6-10 weeks. If full administration of the estate is required, this is likely to take 3-12 months depending on the nature of the estate.

The work will be carried out by an experienced Solicitor or Legal Executive.